Interactive freeform quiz scenario?

Sep 08, 2013

Hmm I posted this last night but it's disappeared, so here goes again!

Ok, I have a scenario where I have 2 characters talking using caption boxes.

I provide the first question, and first response, like so:

character A "question 1"

character B "question 2"

from there, the learner needs to select the next appropriate question to ask, and character B will either respond with correct or incorrect (customised feedback).

Here's what I'd like to do, but I'm not sure if it's possible, and if it is, how to go about it.

To select the next question, the learner hovers over character A's caption box, and is presented with 2 options. They then click on an option and that question then replaces question 1 in the caption box (question 2). Character B's response will either give the correct answer, or say incorrect, try again (maybe have the characters state change to unhappy or something along those lines). If the learner selects the correct answer, I want the learner to then be able to hover over that same  caption box, to select 2 entirely different options to select from for "question 3", which would then replace "question 2" in the caption box'.

If the learner selects the incorrect option, they need to be able to select from the same 2 options again for question 2, and the whole process repeated again for question 3.

Is this possible? Or would I need to look at several different slides?

Another option would be to have each question and answer on 3 or 4 different slides like a comic strip, one panel for each slide, though I'd really love to pull off the hover and select option. 

Any guru's out there who might be able to help with this one please? Thanks so much!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roxy, 

It may be helpful if you can post the start of your .story file here with how you have it set up, and that way the community can chime in using your example. And, you're other question didn't disappear - I just saw it here.  If you're ever looking for posts you started or replied to, the easiest way is to view them from your profile. 

Roxy Wrigley

Thanks Ashley, I notice now that there are 2 individual 'yours' options to click on, one for support and one for building better courses. I was looking in the courses one, oops!

I'll post up an example once this project is done. We're going to use a slightly different approach in the interest of time, but I'd still like to know if this is possible

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