Interactive Printable or Save-able Student Worksheet

Apr 02, 2013

Hi, all!  I haven't had to post in quite a while!  So...  Here's the situation:

I currently create student worksheets to accompany the elearning courses I create.  These worksheets contain fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, multiple selection, True or false, and matching questions. The whole purpose of the worksheet is for the student to walk away from the lesson with a comprehensive study-guide for the lesson that they completed.  Currently, these worksheets are attachments in SL and must be printed, filled out, and reviewed for the correct answers in order for the intended use to be effective.  As the student goes through the lesson, a symbol appears on those slides that have a question or two that correlate to that material.  The question number(s) are given.  The concern with the current format is that printing costs will prevent teachers from using this important tool.  

Now, here's the question...

Can a digital worksheet be created in SL (or elsewhere) that can either be saved to the location of the users choice or printed right from SL once it has been completed digitally?  The ideal scenario would be for the worksheet to function like a lightbox slide (or similar).  The symbol could call up the worksheet.  The student can answer the question.  At the end of the lesson, the completed worksheet is revealed and the student can save and/or print.  Any ideas on how to make this happen?

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Christie Nicholas

Hi Celestial,

I'm having this same issue where I need students to fill in multiple fields (including tables) for their own individual data collection. Have you found any workarounds for this?

I tried a Google Form, but I can't insert a table and students won't be able to review their answers.

Any help is appreciated!!

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