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Jun 07, 2012

First: Congratulations on Storyline - absolutely amazing video support!  Love how I can create simulations using video.  

I need to kick it up a notch though:  

I need to create an interactive video simulation where users click on a moving object and are scored on their speed and accuracy. 

I've already created a sim in SL with video. Works GREAT!

But our LMS (Cornerstone) will only accept a single video file in scorable assessments.  This means that the interactive video (with hotspots/buttons) has to be ONE FILE (not a folder or .zip) - 

Is this possible?  How do I create the interactive video - and with which eL app? (Articulate, Camtasia, Captivate and Storyline are all available to me). 


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Dave Mozealous

Hey Diane,

Where did you hear that the LMS only allows for a single video file for scorable assessments in Cornerstone?  I know other users who have used Quizmaker withe Cornerstone for quizzing, and the output from Quizmaker produces multiple files, and technically, there is no way to achieve SCORM compliance in just a single file.

I am not an expert on Cornerstone whatsoever, just curious where you saw the information that Cornerstone only supports a single file.


Diane Smith

Hi Dave! Thanks for responding to my question.

Let me give a few more details.  Cornerstone tracks elearning courses in a binary fashion: complete/incomplete, pass/incomplete, pass/fail - in other words, if you build a quiz in your elearning materials, Cornerstone will not record an earned grade in that quiz.  (elearning courses in Cornerstone are uploaded using .zip files - complete packages of files).

However, you can build quizes within Cornerstone that will record an earned grade.  So, if a user is enrolled in a Cornerstone quiz, and scored 80%, cornerstone will show that quiz grade in the LMS for that user.  If you build the same quiz in the elearning course, it will record in the LMS as complete or incomplete, etc.

Cornerstone allows you to build quizes is hotspots on still images (jpg, gif. bmp) - or (and this is the BIG OR) - you can create a quiz question with video (.flv, or other single file video) accompanied by a true/fasle or multiple choice quiz based on the video.  It will NOT put a hotspot on a video.

So the exact problem is:  building a quiz based on clicking on images on a video that will register an actual score (not pass/fail) in Cornerstone.

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