Interactive Video: What am I doing wrong?

I have a main slide that plays a video. At designated spots, an icon appears via a slide layer to indicate there is a quiz question about what just happened in the video. Click the icon and you are taken to a lightbox slide with a multiple choice quiz question on it.  Answer the question, get the feedback layer, and return to the original slide with video to continue on.  All that is fine.

The slide with video is set to "resume saved state" so you can pick up where you left off.  To pick up where you left off means the triggering icon for the quiz question should be gone -- it's old news. For the first question, it is gone. For the second question, it's still there!  The two question slides are built  the same way -- at least to my eyes and intent! 

The first trigger on the icon before we jump to the quiz slide is "hide layer when user clicks", so to my understanding, the layer should be GONE when we  return to the main slide with video.

Are there any tricks that I'm missing?  Is there something else I should check? Any suggestions?  THANKS.

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jeanne strayer
Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jeanne,

Tx for posting these, but actually, we (the community) would need to look at the actual .story file, not the published output. Apologies that I was unclear. By looking at the .story file, people can look at the triggers and other settings that may be mucking things up.

You can attach the story file by clicking on the paperclip icon and then browsing to and selecting the .story file

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jeanne,

Well, this IS really strange. A couple notes about the setup of these slides and SL behavior.

First a note that this is SL2.

The Layers not Remaining Hidden Problem

As you said, on SL#3.2 - Quiz, you have 4 layers.

  • 2 layers, Question 1 and Question 2, have objects that, when clicked, lightbox out to question slides.
  • 2 layers, Comment 1 and Comment 2, have objects that, when clicked, lightbox out to "comment" slides

When you return to 3.2 from the Quiz slides, the Question layers that were triggered to be hidden remain hidden, as expected.

When you return to 3.2 from the comment slides, IF you use the trigger that you created ...
 - click the button to close the lightbox

 - click the button to jump to 3.2

The Comment layers that were triggered to remain hidden re-appear on the screen

But , IF instead you use Storyline's default lightbox x (up in the right-hand corner of the lightbox), the Comment layers that were triggered to remain hidden DO remain hidden.

So, I'm always reluctant to use the word "bug" - but I wonder if there is one, or if it's just some weird combination of things going on here. I'd love for Staff, or someone else, to take a look.

Other Design Notes

I needed to look hard at Scene 3 to try to figure out what was going on, and while I did, I noticed a couple things that I believe were errors, and a couple design changes I would make. In terms of the design changes, you may have reasons why you did what you did. If so, you still have your original file (I did a save as with this one), so you can always go back to it if you need to.


Button 1 was set up to close the lightbox when the timeline started for the button, so the slide disappeared immediately. I changed it to close the lightbox when the user clicks.


The Continue buttons on the layers were set up to close when the timeline started. I changed to close the lightbox when the user clicks the button.

SL 3.2 QUIZ SLIDE - Note 1

You have 4 rectangles offstage to "cue" the timeline. With SL2, you no longer need to have objects offstage to do this. I made one change for you, just so you could see how this works. You didn't do anything wrong, but SL2 makes this process more efficient, so I wanted to share it with you.

What you had

Show layer Question 1 when the timeline starts for rectangle one

What I did

I hid rectangle one so it wouldn't do anything

I created a new trigger: Show layer Question 1 when the timeline reaches a time of 3.94 seconds. If you look at this trigger, you'll see that you can also set these up in SL2 for when timeline reaches a cue point. VERY cool!

SL 3.2 QUIZ SLIDE - Note 2 about pausing

Your instructions at the top of the screen tell Leaners to click the icons that pop up to stop the action...but the action wasn't being stopped. So, I added a trigger to all Slide Layer Properties to pause the timeline of the base layer.

SL 3.2 QUIZ SLIDE Note 2 about the icons on the layers

The Qmark and Checkmark images were only onscreen for a few seconds; if Learners weren't really quick (I wasn't!) these would disappear before Learners could access. I changed things so they remain on the timeline.

I also turned on the seekbar and the menu so it was easier for me to quickly navigate through this, but of course you'd turn those off again.

Hope someone can figure out the issue with those Comment Layers/Comment Lightbox slildes!

jeanne strayer


Sorry for the delayed response -- attention turned elsewhere for a while.  I truly appreciate your insightful look at my file.  I'm glad to learn about the cue point triggers.  And yes, you did indeed find a couple of errors. I am trying to build another (simpler!) project to see if I can replicate the problem with the interactive and if so, get the staff to help me out.  THANK YOU, again.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Jeanne, tx for posting. For some reason, even though I'm subscribed to this post and many others, I'm not receiving emails - since the inception of the new forums. So I just happened to come across this.

Buried in all of that (my response I mean) was a question about why using the default lightbox button didn't generate the correct behavior but manually creating a trigger did. Not sure if anyone has time to figure that one out, but I'm curious about the why!

Good luck and be sure to check back here if you need some community support.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

I personally haven't noticed the subscription issue not working - getting emails and such for the threads that I've replied to. Have you not received any emails or just for old threads that you were subscribed to? Let me know and I can check into the back end email settings we have for you! Wouldn't want you to be missing out. :-)

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Tx, Ashley,

Tx SO much for your concern. I'm not sure what is, or was, going on yesterday. I only received a few emails, and I could see that there were posts I hadn't received. I'd been subscribed to the SL thread as a whole, and therefore receiving all posts. It looks to me like I'm still subscribed in that way, but if you're able to check the "back end," that would be super! Maybe there are just a few burps or hiccups at the moment.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

It an odd turn of events, I noticed the same thing yesterday afternoon around 3 pm EST, I could see people replying to threads that I was subscribed to and I didn't get any email notifications until this AM, and they all showed up with the correct timestamp. So it may have just been a minor glitch - as it doesn't seem to be everyone and I don't see anything that would have caused it.  Have you not received any notifications, or just for a period of time yesterday? 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

I am receiving some, but definitely not all (unless they're being delayed by hours). Trying to keep an eye on things today to see if there's a rhyme or reason, but it's not looking like "easy." Will try to report something "valuable." (Prior to the new #ELH I was receiving duplicates, but at least I got everything!)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Becky,

Thanks for looking into this further. I talked with some members of our web team yesterday afternoon/evening and we're aware of some missing posts that were written in ELH1 not coming over into ELH2 - but I haven't heard yet of the missing notifications. Can you send the list to and indicate that I asked for it? That way our team can ensure it finds it's way to my hands to share with our web team as they continue to investigate the migration of data.