Intermittent/Incorrectly functioning hot zones

Sep 16, 2015

Reposting this in a different discussion group in the hope of catching the eye of someone from Articulate.

The first slide of the attached displays a video and asks people to click the video where they see "caution zones". The second slide is a "key" that shows where they caution zones are.

When the caution zone is clicked, a "ca-ching" sounds and the name of the caution one appears in the lower right of the frame. There are six zones.

It invariably works perfectly in Preview>This Slide mode. When it comes to actually functioning in preview after publishing, or on our LMS, the zones intermittently fail to function correctly.

My hypothesis is that the interaction between the browser (corporate requirement is IE 11, so that's a fixed constraint) and the file set Storyline generates is not robust enough to consistently load whatever it is that's required for this to function consistently correctly.

Thoughts anyone?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks again John - I uploaded this to SCORM Cloud  and tested in IE11 and got 4 out of 6...I heard the sound each time as well, and was able to click on them. I wasn't sure if you were saying you couldn't click on them or hear the sound - but did notice that at times I clicked on ones and a different wording popped up -for example clicked on a pedestrian and it said I clicked on car in my lane. But, I'm not sure I'm seeing what you're seeing - so thought I'd have you test it IE11 as well using my SCORM Cloud link here. 

John Nixdorf

Hi Ashley. Our corporate requirement is IE11, so I've tested it on IE11. I also use SCORM Cloud, and have tested it there.

What you've reported, clicking one thing, and having something happen other than what's supposed to happen (what I'll refer to as a "fault") is the problem. I've noticed it's unpredictable, sometimes one fault occurs, sometimes another.

If I refresh the browser, sometimes it works correctly, sometimes the same faults crop up, sometimes different faults crop up from the same file set.

My hypothesis is when the project is Published, the process of converting what's in the Storyline file to a SCORM-compliant file set "scrambles the code". In essence, this slide contains a level of complexity that is just on the other side of what Storyline is currently able to support.

My manager has developed something of an idée fixe on this simulation, and has taken a "just make it work" stance on it.

So it would really help me if you could either:

  • Confirm my hypothesis that it exceeds the current capabilities of the program [yes, I appreciate that admitting a product limitation is something product reps are loathe to do], so I can tell her that the considered opinion of the boffins at Storyline is a fix will have to wait until a new release, or
  • Point me to how I can fix it

Thank you for your time and attention to this vexing issue.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Ok - thanks for clarifying. I wasn't sure if I was just clicking too late or on the wrong spots. I'm looking at your file, and having a hard time following how it's set up to indicate when/where the user clicks and a number of play media triggers. It does seem to work in Chrome, I'm able to click on the elements and seem to see the right notices, so I wouldn't say a limitation of Storyline but perhaps how Storyline and IE11 are playing together and loading the content? I haven't updated yet to the most recent Update 7, as that did deal with some loading/playback issues in IE.  So I'll test updating now and see if that makes an impact on your course, but it may also be worth looking at narrowing down some of the triggers to ensure we're not adding in extraneous elements. 

John Nixdorf


I tried it in Chrome before posting the request, and it didn't work correctly there either which doesn't make any difference because if a file set Storyline publishes doesn't run in IE11 we can't use it because Chrome is on the corporate index prohibitorum of browsers that we're not supposed to use (or anyway not much) and that nobody in my audience would have installed on their machine anyway (unless they do, but only unofficially).

What I did was reduce the number of triggers by reorganizing the behavior of some of the objects and it works now. Immediate problem solved & you can go on to something else. You're welcome to see the review draft of the project that I'm sending out to the development team.

I continue to theorize that it's either
* A limitation inherent to Storyline that what I was trying to do was over the limit of what Storyline can successfully handle
* Corruption of the Storyline file (and it would be anybody's guess how to fix that besides doing a Save As, or import the project into a freshly created one, both of which I tried).

Something for the development team to mull over.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Thanks for the update and link to your new output. I can see that one is working a bit better and when I tested the first one in Chrome it worked better than IE11. 

As you mentioned, corruption is always a tricky element to narrow down. There are some general guidelines here that are worth keeping in mind. 

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