Intersecting Hotspots

Hi all! I'm new to Storyline and I'm attempting to create a test using a map with hotspots. I'm using a large rectangle that covers the map triggering an incorrect response and a small circle over top the rectangle that triggers the correct response. It seems to function properly, but does not report on the results page correctly. It reports 100% even though I am purposely failing the test. Can anyone assist with some expertise?



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Rei Perri

Hi Helen,

I can't share it the map because of CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) regulations here at the Utility, but it's basically finding a piece of equipment on a one-line diagram. I have a rectangle hotspot covering the whole diagram to trigger a wrong answer and a small circle hotspot over top and within the rectangle to trigger a correct answer. Everything lives on the base layer. It works, but don't register on the results page.

Leslie McKerchie

I'm not sure that I've seen an interaction/question built like that Rei.

Could you swap the image perhaps and just share the single slide in a .story file? I'd like to take a look at this.

If that's too much trouble and you can share the .story file with me privately, you can do so here. Just please be sure to include the forum url/link as well.

Rei Perri

I just now figured it out. I was over thinking it. I deleted the underlying hotspot and it all works now. I thought you needed to define all the incorrect areas. I've never used the hotspot quiz question, so I was unclear on it. So, all I needed to do was ID the correct hot spot area and the programming is built in if you choose incorrectly. Novice mistake! Thanks for taking the time Leslie and Helen. I really appreciate it. Onward and Upward:)

Rei Perri

Thanks again, Leslie! It's all working perfectly now.
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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bobby!

Tell me more about why you need the larger incorrect hotspot. 

If you're using the Hotspot Quizzing Slide, the mouse pointer will appear as a hand over the entire slide. This way, the learner won't be able to hover to find the correct hotspot.

Simply clicking outside the correct hotspot should show in the Incorrect layer. Is that not what you're seeing on your side?

bobby garcia

Unfortunately, Ayssa, we're using custom navigation buttons on the screen. So, with the entire slide being a 'hotspot' for the wrong answer, even clicking the Back button will result in an 'incorrect' response or the slide will jump back but, upon returning, will show the slide in an 'incorrect state'.

I actually found a workaround. I'm using a screenshot of an application where the user has to click the right area. So I assigned the Submit Interaction to the image itself to act as the Incorrect hotspot with the Correct hotspot sitting above it - works like a champ!