Inverted hover states

Aug 04, 2016

Hey, I haven't been able to find a solution for this as of yet and was hoping I could get some feedback on here.

What I'm trying to achieve is a type of "inverted hover state" What I mean by this is I want to have a simple textbox or caption automatically show on the start of my timeline in my slide. When the user hovers over a specific object on the slide I want that previous textbox to disappear.

The problem here is I want that textbox to appear and disappear with an animation.

I can only have the textbox appear and disappear with an animation when using normal hover states and I can't seem to figure out how to solve this one.


EDIT: So it seems I've been able to do a workaround for this.
My slide contains a set of characters and the students are supposed to click on the characters to advance through the slide. Before clicking each character, there's a marker that displays some info about each character so what I want is for the students to start by clicking the marker before moving on to the characters.

However, I'm not sure that it's quite so obvious, hence my initial post of having a textbox appear with some basic information for the slide navigation. I want this textbox to appear and then disappear once the learner has moved on to hover over the first marker.

I succeded in this by having the textbox be animated with a start and end animation and then having the first marker trigger the textbox ending animation by way of hover. Underneath this first marker I've added a circle shape slightly larger than the marker which has a mouseover trigger to make the initial textbox reappear using normal and hidden states on the textbutton.

I hope this is clear for anyone else having the same issue and looking for a fix.

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