Ipad Drag and Drop

Dec 31, 2020

Hi! I created an activity where the learner has to drag the leader trait to the appropriate column. Once submitted, I would like the screen to show which ones are correct/incorrect. I think the way this would go is create a copy of the base layer and change the state for each of the scenarios? That seems like a lot. I there another way you can suggest? See att.

Thank you!


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Dianna,

Thank you for sharing the file. I enjoyed trying to come up with a solution :)

I would approach this one of two ways - you can either give them the incorrect status as they're working on the assessment (before they submit), or once they click the submit button. This will depend on the goal of the exercise.

I made the changes below with the idea that they would only find out their mistakes after they submit (but if you want to do it the other way, all you have to do is remove the trigger for the submit button being pressed).

The logic here is “when submit button is pressed, if the oval is on the incorrect hotspot then change state to drop incorrect”. That state makes the background red.

I did this for 2 of the ovals so I could show you, so you can test it by placing oval 1 on hotspot 1 or 3 and placing oval 10 on hotspot 2 or 3 to see them change to red once you submit.

I also moved the feedback window down, so it wouldn't hide the answers. 

I hope this helps!