Is Articulate Storyline the most insecure application?

Jan 15, 2019

Is Articulate Storyline the most insecure application?

1. It puts its name on the task bar in front of the file. Imagine if all of the Word files I had open in my taskbar said Microsoft Word - document 1, Microsoft Word - document 2, Microsoft Word - document 3.

2. It puts its name on the output folder (title "- Storyline output). Could you imagine Adobe putting "Adobe Photoshop Output" on every item it exports.  

3. If you export a Word document, every page has the footer:

               Published by Articulate® Storyline

It's as though they are taking ownership of the word document. Microsoft doesn't even do this with Word, or Excel, or PowerPoint. It would at least be considerate if it said "Published by Articulate Storyline into Microsoft Word format."

It feel like I'm dating someone who keeps telling me how important they are. By the way, I am filling this form out using Microsoft Edge browser, using a Lenovo computer, neither of which requires me to give them credit thank goodness.



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Susi B

Hi Jason,

somehow I understand your frustration about this. On the other hand I found it useful to know which folder is my "Storyline output", because we already have a folder called like the project. And we rarely need the output folder after zipping, so this will be deleted anyways.

I never realised/noticed Articulate puts it´s name in front of the file in the taskbar. But that´s maybe because I rarely have more than 1 project open at the same time. :)  Even if there are 2 open I just hover over the little frame which appears if you hover over the icon and then see my project and it´s name in the top.

And for the footer in the word document, just delete it. Yeah it´s like 2 klicks every file, but could be worse. Imagine you couldn´t delete it. :)

Sure Articulate could reduce it´s "in your face" namedropping, but even apple is putting an "send via iphone" in every mail you send with your iphone.



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