Is Articulate Storyline v3 Obsolete?

As a new v3 user, am I wasting my time learning this product?

I am concerned that since it was replaced by the 360 suite, I am wasting my time learning this application.

This thought came to mind when I clicked on (i) LEARN MORE... inside Add Trigger Condition which resulted in a "" web page error. :(

Thankfully, the LEARN MORE link from Trigger Wizard still works, and takes me to


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Matthew Bibby

No, it's definitely not obsolete. 

SL3 came out after SL360 as a standalone (non-subscription) offering. 

To see the differences between SL3 and SL360, see here.

The error you encountered when clicking the learn more button likely happened as the article it pointed to was updated and as a result, the URL changed. Let Articulate know by contacting support and they'll be able to get that fixed up.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for reaching out here, and I'd agree with everything Matthew shared. Storyline 3 remains a product we support, although you will see less frequent updates for it compared with the subscription products in Articulate 360. 

As for the error with the link, I tested myself and it worked to bring me to the same user guide page on working with triggers. Perhaps the page timed out on you or an issue with a firewall blocking access? Either way, you can find all our tutorials and user guides linked here for Storyline 3.