Is it better to change the state of an object at the start of the timeline of the slide or the object itself?

I am developing a course where each object has 10 states, 1 for each of 10 languages. It is better for me than doing a layer for each language. Is it better to have triggers that change the state of an object when the slide timeline starts or when the object timeline starts? The reason I ask is that I have several objects that are the same throughout and I want to copy and paste the object with its triggers to other slides. If the trigger is to change its state at the start of the timeline of the slide, then the triggers don't copy with the object.

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Phil Mayor

at the start of the timeline looks better and sometimes using the object itself the trigger doesn't fire

A trick for taking timeline start triggers if you use SL360) is to group the trigger in the trigger panel, then create a shape, and instead of this slide transfer to the timeline of the shape, then copy all your objects and the additional object and after pasting switch the timeline back to the slide

Gael Christie

Thanks for the quick response. I have a delay on the appearance of the object (sorry forgot to mention in orginal post) as it is hidden to start with. Should I have the trigger change the state when it reaches 10s in the timeline? I get what you mean about changing the triggers for the copy and then changing back after the paste.