Is it possible to have a base slide to build different types of quiz questions off of?

This was a bit hard to word as a question, so I'll explain in detail.

I have a list of 100 verbs.

  • For each verb, I want to ask 3 questions, but on different slides. 100 verbs x 3 slides = 300 slides
  • The question types are different (one is multiple choice, two are manual input)
  • My slide format is different than the base (buttons have certain colors, both buttons are centered for multiple choice questions) -- see attachment

Is there any efficient way to go about this? For example, it'd be nice to just have to type the 100 verbs one on a slide, then duplicate those 100 slides twice and convert them into different types of quiz questions (=300 slides).

The way it's looking now, it seems I have to make 3 types of slides, then copy each respective slide 100 times to keep the format and re-type the verbs into each slide. Please tell me there's a better way to do this.



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