Is it possible to have HD quality in Storyline 360

Jul 05, 2018


I try to have a very defined quality for some courses I create, but the results, even when I customize the size of my storyline project, are sometimes blurry or at least not enough defined to suit my needs. In comparison, Rise seems to be much more highly defined than storyline.

Is there any way to obtain the quality we can build in keynotes or powerpoint templates ? For the texts and effects.

Forgive my English. Thank you.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Storyline works a little differently than Rise with regards to images and video, in that it tries to recompress to a quality that the software deems acceptable. This can often make your (already compressed to an extent) images appear blury as they are being re-compressed after modifying their properties one way or another (i.e. resizing, filters, or transparency within SL).

The only foolproof method of achieving better results is using higher DPI images (most are set at 75dpi, even HD ones - a good value is 150, a safe/great one is 300dpi). This will most likely safely forgive an additional recompress.

Hope this helps,

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