is it possible to shorten the delay when clicking "prev" button?

Jun 24, 2012


I have created a "back" button that functions exactly as "prev" button, however, pages turn after 1-3 seconds after i click on the buttons. The delay is rather long,  is there any way that i can shorten the delays?

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Gerry Wasiluk

One more thing, I'm seeing different response depending on the server.  Both Articulate Online and Amazon S3 were often slow going back and forth with Articulate Online often re-downloading content that had been cached previously.

So I then tried the same course running "officially" on my former company's servers.  I got the same almost-instant response as Steve with the custom buttons not on the master.

So, in my mind, and a statement of the obvious, some of the course response may be very server dependent.

Mike Cerantola

Have we found a fix to this?

I haven't tried testing my project in Firefox or Chrome on a desktop because my client is going to deploy this to 100-500 of it's learners via Mobile Safari on iPad 2.

I tried now for fun, and Firefox and Chrome on my desktop have an acceptable delay (1-2 seconds), and 80% of the time show a preloader spinning wheel that seems to function very well.

Unfortunately, testing this on a high bandwidth private wifi server on my iPad 2....isn't going so well. The custom player I am in the process of building is coming along great, and the client really really likes what I did so far - for him it's a toss up between Storyline or Captivate 6.

My client's biggest issue is the no swipe functionality on HTML5 (Articulate Mobile is not an option because this will be deployed via their LMS). That's' fine though, he can live with that if I can find a way to solve his next issue - the delay from page to page navigation on HTML5 in Safari is more like 3-5 seconds.

It would be fine if the preloader worked correctly on Safari, but you never see the wheel turning. When you click Previous or Next, it seems to freeze the visual on screen while narration continues (the seekbar pauses as well) and roughly 3-5 seconds later, the next page begins playing. There is no indication to the client that it's preloading, so he repeatedly clicks the buttons and it ends up skipping several pages.

I tried to get sneaky and create my own preloader by doing this:

1st trigger on my Nav buttons:

On click, show layer - LOADING (Which is a layer that pauses the timeline on the base layer, and displays a simple graphic with text that says Loading...Please wait).

2nd trigger on my Nav buttons:

On click, jump user to next/prev slide.

I was hoping Storyline's HTML5 export would trigger the graphic layer BEFORE freezing the visual up for 3-5 seconds while it preloads in the background, but it seems like Storyline attempts to execute all triggers at the same time, because when I try this, I don't see the layer before it freezes up.

I was going to try today to get even trickier and attempt to try finding a "wait 2 seconds" script in Javascript and insert that between both my triggers, but I'm not sure if it'll work.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get stupid Mobile Safari to stop ruining my Storyline experience?

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