Is it possible to view published in "Web" type content in Fullscreen in iPad

Oct 25, 2018

Dear All,

I have created a project and published it as a "Web" content with "Modern" player.

Now my client wants the "story_html5" content in iPad with fullscreen.

I have tried to make the content in fullscreen but no options found.

Could anyone help me out on this one.

Thanks a lot.


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Janagiraman D

I have added some additional details below.

This content to be used for offline viewing and our client doesn’t want the content in online. We are not able to open the “story_html5” file via “fileapp” in iPad (Version: 12), so we used “Zip Extractor” to view the file and while launching we are getting the below result as it runs in the default launcher.

Captured in iPad

But our client don’t want to see the above bar and the below navigation bar, something similar to video player. As seen in the below screenshot. Is it possible to make a look like this?

Expected layout

I have shared the screenshot of how it looks in Google Chrome on my desktop. We know that the dimension may vary and we are fine with the white frames at the top and bottom of the player.

Desktop view

Thanks in advance.

Alyssa Gomez
  • Hello, Janagiraman. If you want to view content offline on an iPad, check out the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP). One caveat is that the output only works with Storyline’s classic player style, so be sure to choose the classic player before you publish. If you need to stick with the modern player, then I'll leave it to the community to share their tips with you!

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