Is the Articulate Chrome 44 Updater a mandatory component for Storyline courses?


I am new to Storyline and was told (in July) that when I had my software installed, it would need the Chrome 44 Updater in order for my iPhone/iPad courses to work on the LMS.

When the software was installed, I repeatedly asked for this Chrome 44 Updater to be included and was met with "You have the newest version. You don't need it."

However, here we are, in the midst of a BIG project getting ready to be deployed and none of my iPhone/iPad courses are working. I have had our LMS support review the courses and guess what...they are saying that I need the updater. 

I am currently using Storyline 2 - Update 11 to publish our courses. Using Scorm 1.2 and have the "enable mobile content" box checked. 

Any other ideas where I'm going wrong or how to get this blasted thing to work? These are time sensitive courses and I'm stuck. 

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Stephania Spielman

Hi Leslie,

When my software was initially installed, my predecessor told me to make sure that they installed the Articulate Google Chrome 44 Updater. When I asked aout it, I was told that subsequent updates made this unnecessary...however, we are not able to view courses correctly on our iPhone/iPads and it seems to keep leading back to this issue.

I attached a snapshot of what the icon looks like that the previous persn in my role had. I am not able to test it in the SCORM cloud because of our firewall and our LMS support person says she CAN view the files without issue. No one internally can get past a certain point in the presentation.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stephania!

So, the updater was specific to getting the content built pre-Update 7 to work correctly in Chrome. We are now on Update 11 and you mention utilizing the latest update, so the updater should not be a culprit here.

That being said, it sounds like some of your end users are having difficulty viewing the content and your LMS person cannot replicate. Does this mean the LMS person is outside of your internal firewall? Curious if that may be the issue.

Would you be able to share your .story file so that I can upload and test for you?

Stephania Spielman

Hi Leslie,

Content is still being tested and I apologize for not being clearer....The course is working for our Desktop PC users and on Android phones. The course is not working for iPad users with updates 10.1.1 or 10.0.2 or iPhone users. We've tried republishing under AICC but that's not helping either.

Per our LMS end support, the issue appears to be with the iOS and those users accessing the learning on Apple devices. Still testing as the issue is still not resolved but will keep you posted. 

Thanks for the help!

Leslie McKerchie

Hmm. Thanks for that Stephania. Are you zipping the contents from the Publish Successful dialog window or manually zipping? I recommend the former. I was able to successfully publish your .story file that you shared above. Did you have a chance to look at the published link that I sent to you to see if you encountered the same issue?