Is there a random function enables me to do different actions?

Hi All, 

I am working on a project in which I need to randomize the appearance time of the same object every time the user clicks a certain button. I need to create 10 time options and shuffle them. I may also need to randomize its position. 


Moreover, I need to calculate the time it takes the user to click the object after it had appeared! 


Until this time, I thought myself very knowledgeable in Storyline, but I am now wondering if such work can be done using it without the help of coding! 

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Walt Hamilton

On the click, set a variable to random. When it changes, show the appropriate layer . Each layer can show the object in a different place, and at a different time on its timeline, so you will need ten or more.

For timing, create two off-stage objects that each has a 1 sec entrance animation. Make one appear when the timeline on each layer starts. When the animation completes, increase the time variable, and make the other one appear.