Is there a way to add gradient to presets?

Apr 22, 2013

I'm creating my own gradient button colors.  And I want to save the gradients I make into the Gradient Fill> Preset Colors panel.  Is there a way to do this? 

Alternately is there a way to make my button style show up in the Button Format window accessed from the ribbon?

Thanks for any help.

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Michael Marks

I'm in agreement with you Diarmaid.  I just did a search and found a thread that Maureen Dunlap asked how to do this (6 years ago), and yet still nada squat.  We should get this free as an update in SL3, or do we need to shell out another $1500 for a NEW squirt of the tooth paste? 

I made a slide and added a shape, 10 or 20 if you like.  Sampled a logo (or anything for that matter that you want consistency) and save that slide as lets say Coca Cola or my gradients.  Import that slide into your new course, kinda like a side pallett thing'e.  Copy and paste here you go and use format painter.  When doing states it's really a PITA for reasons.... it's a state.

Thanks for reading, now, back to Grunge editing with Articulate Storyline 3.

Michael Marks

Support has flown the coop.  Storyline 3 users has been left behind so you need to shell out more funds for this feature, or you need to ask for it....good lord!  It's the tube of toothpaste syndrome.  You buy the tube of toothpaste thinking you'll get more than just one squirt or two (let's say bug fixes or very small features) then maybe a weeeee little more of a squirt, you look at it and say I just bought this don't I get a'little more than this?
Nope, you need to buy another tube of toothpaste.