Is there a way to change variable values in published output?

I've got a project which will involve rolling out the same quiz to an audience periodically.

Our tracking systems (LMS and some homebrew) use the course code to determine which course a score belongs to. We'll need to change the course code each time, but nothing else will change. I'm hoping not to have to republish each time just to change the value of a single variable.

Is there a way that I can change the value in the published output instead?

If it makes a difference, we're using SL360 and publishing for AICC/HTML5.


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Simon Blair

I think I just found it.

In HTML5 output, there's a file called data.js in html5\data\js.

Inside that file, it looks like we have all kinds of things we can mess with, including variables. For example, the one I was looking for in my output is:

We can see it's a variable called "ccode". It's a string with a default value of "USA864". I don't know what the resume tag is for, but all I wanted to do is change the value without republishing and it looks like I should be able to. :-)