Is there a way to get an object to take input from text boxes and export them somewhere else? (SL2)

Jun 19, 2017

Preferably in a scorm friendly way that will work with moodle? None of the prebuilt quiz slides seem to have what I need.

Basically I just have a load of open question that the teacher wants to be filled in online that they can later mark. Is that a thing we can do?

I can get it in scorm passing some details across my problem is this.


The default essay/short question boxes come with a single text entry box.

I want to be able to add more text entry boxes onto the page and have those inputs capture.

I can't do it so each input is a separate page.


Ideally what I'd it to do also is take the inputs from the boxes and spit them out into an excel spreadsheet or something but I think that'll be java, does anyone have anything for that?


Essentially, how do/can I get this page to dump all its inputs into one place so that some else can come along later and look at them?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruce,

The javascript piece isn't something I can assist with - but we've seen people track text entries and multiple variables by using the method here. 

It may be a lot more slides and elements to put together so hopefully someone has done what you're looking for with Javascript! 

Good luck with your project - keep us posted if you can. 

Phil Mayor

You can always assign the same variable value to the same data entry field.

I would build a slide with 3 (you can have more) data entry fields on on. I always rename my variables for this one let's use Input 1,2,3...).

Then I would build 1 text entry survey question, and you can do one of two things here

  1. Add a trigger to assign the value of your firsrt variable input1 to the value of the dataenrty variable on that slide on timeline start or
  2. You can open the trigger that assigns the vale of the data entry value and change it to your variable.

Next i would add a trigger to submit the interaction on timeline start. 

You would need to repeat this for the other two variables, but at this stage you can just duplicate the slide above twice.

Hope this makes sense.

Bruce French

I'm not sure I quite get it yet.

So what you're saying is get my page with all the inputs(call the the question page) on it, then get a short answer page for each input, have it grab the input from box 1,2,3...etc via variables from the question page and fill itself in, then submit itself and move on through til we reach the next question page with inputs on it?

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