Is there a way to show the Resources and hide the player back/next arrows?

Oct 15, 2019

Hi there new Articulate friends,

I would like to make a number of resources available within my course, and the Resources feature, with the player link seems perfect. The problem I'm facing is that I also need to use custom navigation. So far, I haven't found a way to show the Resources tab, and hide the player back/next arrows on the player. There are a few possible workarounds, such as a custom resources screen, but I'd really prefer to use the Resources tab if at all possible. 

Is anyone aware of a way to show the Resources tab, and hide the player back/next buttons?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Diane,

When you set up the Player to make the Resources tab available, you automatically get the Prev / Next buttons as well. However, if you go into the individual slide properties (double-click on base layer in bottom right of screen), you have the option to turn off the Prev / Next buttons.

Unfortunately, this is on a slide by slide basis, but would at least give you the result you are after.



Ned Whiteley

Hi Amitty,

I hate to be the provider of bad tidings and have you running from your office screaming at the top of your voice, but, following your reply above, I have had another look at this and now have a one-click (well, perhaps it's three clicks) solution.

if you go into Slide View, select all the slides you want to change, deselect the Next/Prev buttons in the multiple-slide navigation options at the bottom right of the screen, your problem will be solved.

Look on the bright side, your next 127 slides will be a breeze !!  :-)