Is there an easy way to lock lines to vertical or horizontal?

Aug 07, 2013

I'm producing lots of interactive flow charts in Storyline and getting frustrated at the lack of easy 'snapping' of lines to 90 degrees.  I've been spoiled by Visio and its great features and I'm not expecting intelligent connections but is there a way to do this? Currently I'm aligning them with the guide and using size/position controls to tweak them until they're right.

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Graham North

Once the line is drawn incorrectly then you are correct this won't help. Using the endpoints to "square" it back up again can be tricky as sometimes the grid snap interferes giving a dithering affect. However you can use the Alt key at this point to temporarily disable the feature giving a smooth response and hopefully making easier to return the line to the correct alignment horizontal or vertical.

Other than that there's little else I can think of.

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