Is there trigger setup to disable player buttons?

Feb 07, 2014

Is it possible to disable the 'submit' button on the player? here's my scenario:

After a learner has done with his/her options in a quiz slide then the next thing to do is to click the submit button on the player, right?. and then the default feedback popup will appear saying if attempt was correct or not, I noticed that these feedback layers can disable the 'submit' button on the player and now I am wondering if it is possible to that as well on normal layers?

The reason why I need this is because I changed the trigger setup on the 'Continue' buttons of the feedback layers to show another layer (another layer that shows the correct answers with additional educational information) and insert my own custom 'next slide' button on it, but these normal layers will let buttons on the player working again... such as the case with the 'submit' button which should not be clicked anymore.

So can I have normal layers to disable buttons on the player just like the quiz feedback layers do but via a trigger setup? 

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Timmini Joseph De Guzman

I don't know if this is a clean solution but it worked for me somehow:

Since the feedback layers seems by default disables the submit button on the player, I thought about duplicating it and put the elements I wanted to appear in it. And so I duplicated the 'Correct' feedback layer, then I modified its 'Layout' to blank, renamed it. I copied and pasted the elements to it, I tested it and there the submit button is not clickable anymore which is what I want.

Here's a screenshot of the duplicated feedback layer with submit button being greyed out: 

I'm not sure if it will affect storyline's flow in any way. I hope not. If you think so, please shed some light here.

Also, note that I am not using 'Result Slides' except for the last slide. So the built-in 'review quiz' option is not used (mainly for the fact that it has some bugs on iPad and HTML5).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Timmini and welcome to Heroes!

There isn't a way to trigger the buttons on the player to be disabled, but you could modify this method to disable the buttons until a user has interacted with all elements.  You can also choose to remove the built in player buttons on a slide by slide basis. 

I wasn't able to view the screen shot you shared (got a 404 error) but if you've found a method that works for you, great news.

Timmini Joseph De Guzman

Thank you for the response, though I feel that the solution I've found is not in anyway a native functioning in Storyline I did tested it many times and it seems to work very well for the purpose.

On a side note, I mentioned something about HTML5 issue regarding result slides can force a bug to its successor slides, I just found out that is has been fixed for HTML5 in the Update no.5 release. That's good news, however I will stick to my new method of showing 'correction slide' for now.

As for the adding trigger to make buttons on the player inactive, I hope it will be a future addition to storyline, it can be very powerful for some situations.


Philip Varghese

Hi Timmini,

i have been using the duplication of the feedback layers method too and it works fine on the PC/laptop. However when playing the same output on the mobile player, did you notice the submit button does not grey-out?

i did some rigorous testing, so far the duplication method does not seem to affect the logical flow in storyline. If you have encountered any drawbacks, please let me know. Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip,

This thread is a bit older, so I'm not certain folks are subscribed here. If you're having difficulty with your mobile output, you'll first want to confirm that you're viewing the content in one of the supported browsers here. 

It also seemed that Timmini wasn't using the latest update of Storyline 1 at the time. We're now on Update 10 of Storyline 1 and Update 7 of Storyline 2. So you may want to ensure you're using the latest update. 

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