Issue with Entrance Animation (Fly In)

Dec 12, 2017

I'm noticing a frustrating issue that is just occurring with the "Fly in" entrance animation feature. Specifically the "From Left" effect option. When I put that effect into a hover state, it will not work correctly. It keeps coming in from the right. This has never been an issue before. I have many other hover actions in which objects/text fly in from the left, that work perfectly fine. I originally copied the button, in which the hover objects were flying in the opposite way and changed them. That didn't work. I then completely rebuilt the button and added new objects, that does not work either. I have tested the other "Fly in" effect options and they all work just fine. But not "From Left". Please advise.

Matt Milgram


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Stacy Davies

Hi! I am having this exact issue. I am working in 360. I see the original post was in 2017. Has anything been done to address this. I have worked with Storyline for a very long time. This is the first time I am having this issue. I have spent hours trying to figure it out and do a workaround. :/

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stacy,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing that you're running into a similar issue.

The issue reported was specific to:

  • Fly in animation from the left
  • Hover State

Does this fit what you are experiencing as well?

If so, I'll add you to our report. I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

You mention looking for a workaround and all other animations and even directions of fly in seem to be working as well. Let me know if you're seeing something different.

Lauren Connelly

Hi all!

I wanted to share that we aren't seeing the behavior reported where the Fly In from Left animation doesn't work correctly in a Hover State in Storyline 360 (Build 3.49.24347.0).

If you still see this snag, make sure you're using the latest version of Storyline 360. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us in this discussion or in a support case.

Stefan Mandić-Rajčević

Hi everyone!

This seems like the right place to post this. So, I was creating several buttons which would have objects fly in from the left when in hover state, and fly out to the right. The first three objects have the full animation flying in from the left (from outside of the slide, and then exiting to the right side completely out). But on the 4th, 5th, etc... objects/hover states, the fly in from the left seems too short. It does not start from outside of the slide, but somewhere in the middle, mixing up the animation effect. Further I move to the right with my objects (4th. 5th, etc), the fly in from the left almost turns into a fly in from the right.

Here's the example, easier to understand.

Any advice?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Stefan!

Thank you for providing your .story file for testing! I'm seeing the same behavior and would like our Support Engineers to confirm what might be getting in the way. I've opened a case on your behalf, so you should've received an email confirmation. Our Support Engineers will take a look at your project and reply as soon as possible.