Issue with LMS not saving course progress

Oct 28, 2014

I have a very long (1.5 hours) course I made in Storyline 1. Once it is uploaded into the LMS and students are taking it, I am encountering issues with it communicating to the LMS.

1. The LMS times out because it doesn't recognize the student interacting in the Storyline course.

2. When it times out or a student leaves the course, it doesn't save progress in certain areas. So when they come back in, they are put 3 or more slides back before a quiz they completed (sometimes all progress is lost!).

I had our IT department look at one of the areas of the course where I was able to reproduce not saving issue and this is what they found:

The LMS attempts to set a cookie with 

https://mudbay-greenlight. aspx?item=AddCookie

It is kicking back a “Cookie Not Set” error message to the browser—which potentially could be contributing.  It attempts to re-set the cookie every minute that you have the course open.  I suspect that is the issue.


Cookie Not Set

There are also several javascript errors, that could be preventing further/additional javascript (like the save progress code) from executing.

To them it looked like an issue with the LMS, but THEY are adamant it is in the authoring software, haha. Can you guys shed any light on this?

I have tried all sorts of settings in both authoring and LMS. Have also tried importing and publishing in SL2.



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Darcy Goedecke

Thanks for your response!

I had already checked out the first article, which is how my IT team was able to find the cookie issue in the first place.

As for SCORM Cloud, the file is too large to upload and I have been denied approval for the paid version, which would allow me to upload it I believe.

The issue doesn't appear to be with the internet connection, as it happens in the same spots in the course every time, no matter who is taking it. That is a cool option though!

Darcy Goedecke

No worries, it's not like YOU were trying to figure it out! 

Okay, so in validating that it now works, I found a new problem. Once I get past the section that was having issues saving progress, and click a button to take an exam, it marks the course as complete. I still have to take this exam, go through one more section, and take an additional exam past the one I just entered, so it shouldn't be marking as complete in the LMS yet. I have the course set to report pass/fail based on all slides viewed.

This is a new issue and I was able to replicate it twice.

Any ideas? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darcy,

Are you testing this outside of your LMS, in a site such as SCORM Cloud as well (which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content). 

You mentioned quizzes, and are those within a question bank? If so, that will count as one slide within the slide count - so if you have a total of 6 slides, including 3 within a question bank, you'll only be able to set the slide count as 4 out of 4 (instead of 6 out of 6). This is something we've reported to our QA Team for additional review.

If you're not using the quizzes to track scores, and the completion is being set prior to the user actually reaching the final slide - what about tracking completion by the user visiting a particular slide as described here? 

Darcy Goedecke

Hi Ashley,

No, I am not using Cloud. As I said, the file is too big for the free version and my request for the paid version was denied. :(

Quizzes are in the question bank. However, there are still regular slides that haven't been viewed after this quiz. I will try your suggestion with completion marking at a particular slide. Thanks!

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