Issues with audio/video playing on Thinkfic LMS.

Mar 09, 2023

Hi Folks,

We've developed several modules for a project in Storyline (latest version). These modules include audio and video files that play well on our end. When we submitted these courses to the client's Thinkific LMS, strange audio/video difficulties started to arise. They are seeing glitches frequently during the course. They were having issues with the audio and video not playing when it should. For example, at the start of some videos, the video would start and run through the time but no audio would play, or just the audio would play, and not the video. The client tried to refresh their screen to resolve the issue and restarted the modules frequently. Sometimes, the audio would cut off in the middle of a video. They even tried to clear the cache and see if the module loads error free, but so far nothing works.

Has anyone came across these kinds of issues and were you able to find any solutions/workaround to overcome these glitches?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sandeep Gadam

Hi Jürgen Schoenemeyer, the module just opens in a new tab with the learning platform.

In my additional testing to resolve this problem, I came across a few articles that were similar to this one in which users reported experiencing similar problems with their IOS devices (iPad/iPhone) running various versions. (Article 1/Article 2).

While performing my tests, I used different IOS devices and observed that the same issues were not being replicated in either of the devices while I tested the module for the second time.

Let me phrase it in this way:

As an illustration, in module 1 I have an audio on the first slide and a video on the second slide. Therefore, the first slide is fine when I test it on the iPad, but on the second slide, the video continues playing without any audio. I then refreshed the webpage and was unable to reproduce the problem for a second time.

However, when I tried the same module on an iPhone 13 running version 16.3.1, the module worked flawlessly for the first time.

When I approached Articulate Support, they ultimately came to the conclusion that it might be a software bug.

I wish someone had discovered a solution for this!