No sound when viewing course on iPad

Feb 04, 2021


In my employer's LMS, we have courses produced in-house in Presenter 360 and Storyline 360, as well as content from outside vendors.  If I try to view one of our in-house classes on my iPad, there's no sound.  Vendor courses do run with sound. Is there some setting on my iPad, or something about the courses we produced, that would cause our classes to run without sound?  Does Safari not like my voice-overs?  (just kidding on that last question!)

Thank you,

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Karen Westphalen

Hi Mark,

No, that didn't help.  I checked for updates and republished a course that was produced in Presenter, but still no sound when running the class on an iPad.  I do get sound when I view youtube videos, or when viewing one of our vendor courses.  No audio with my newest Storyline-produced class either.  Any other suggestions?



Karen Westphalen

Aha!  Someone pointed out to me how to do the upper-right-side swipe-down turn-off-silent-mode maneuver on the iPad, AND I added the Google Chrome app and shut down and restarted the iPad, and now even the older modules that I produced will run with sound.  Yay!  Sometimes it takes a village to view a course...