Storyline Published to iPad - and launched from Adobe Connect

Apr 26, 2013


We use Adobe Connect to house our published Storyline courses. I am wondering if completions can be tracked through Connect for our users who take a course using their iPad.

Please let me know.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Marni,

If you publish for SCORM or AICC, your LMS will not be able to track or report Articulate Mobile Player content.

If you need to track the results of your LMS courses, it's recommended that you do not include the Articulate Mobile Player option when publishing. Or, encourage your LMS provider to support Tin Can API. (Our white paper on Tin Can API implementation provides helpful information for your LMS provider.)

LMS providers can vary and I personally don't have access to Adobe Connect. It might be best to reach out to them and see if they can give you some information on what tracking methods they support, especially for mobile. Or, maybe some of our community members with Adobe experience can share some information. 

Good luck, Marni!


Marni Baltessen

I have not been able to launch a course published from Storyline to Adobe Connect. I have read and tried absolutely every suggestion on your website - and still can't get it to work. We do need to log into Connect in order to access it - so I think this is causing the issue. I have got as far as the Articulate Mobile Player screen coming up - but saying that it can't find required files.

Has anyone "successfully" been able to launch a course on an iPad using Adobe Connect?? And if you have - how have you been able to do it?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Marni,

I truly believe it's the fact that authentication is required. The Articulate Mobile Player will not be able to log in to the server, so I'm not sure if you'll be able to do this using that specific host.

Having said that, though, it may be worth it to post your question over in the Building Better Courses section as well. Maybe some additional exposure to your question will get the attention of other community members that have successfully used Adobe Connect with the AMP app.

Good luck Marni! Let me know if you're able to find any additional information.

Chris Sullivan


If you're publishing with all options checked for HTML 5 and Mobile in Storyline, the only remaining setting you should need is to make the content publicly available on Adobe Connect.

If the content is not made public, Adobe Connect will require a login to access the content. Since Articulate Mobile Player won't provide that login (or give you an option to enter it), you just see an error telling you it can't access one or more files it needs. That's probably what's stopping you from viewing the content. 

Now if you don't have the option to make the content publicly available or security reasons, you can probably still provide access via the mobile browser to the HTML 5 version (even on an iPad). To do that, you want to uncheck the 'Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad' option when you publish from Storyline. That way, the learner is able to enter the required login information in order to see the non-public content. Make sense? Just be aware of the limitations with HTML 5.

Chris Sullivan


No, I was mistaken. You have to output from Storyline using the WEB option (not LMS), and you have to change the 'story.html' file name to 'index.html.' Then you zip up the folder and post it to Connect. That will at least allow you to view Storyline content on Connect. 

That said, you probably lose the LMS functionality. Connect will report the number of views, but I doubt it will report completions without the SCORM output (I can't verify this because I don't have access to the Learner reports). 

So you gain the ability to see your content on an iPad using the WEB output option, but you lose the ability to track completions. 

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