Video playback on ipad not working - running out of ideas!

Aug 06, 2014

Been working on this issue for sometime, and so far have now resolution, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Articulate Storyline Update 6 1407:2208

Adobe Connect (on-premise install) v 9.0.4 (latest patch for 9.0)

Published Storyline content as AICC, tracking file as index.html

renamed index_lms.html to index.html, renamed index_lms_html5.html to index_html5.html

Modified index.html to replace index with index_html if apple device detect.

Tracking working, courses working, quizes working. tested on IE8/IE10/Chrome/Safari

All working well so far, but on the iPad, everything works except the video, just loads the poster image, with a play button with a broken line.

If I run the same content on a web server outside of adobe connect content plays correctly.

If I disable flash on IE10, the video and elearning plays as html5 correctly.

The only thing that just won't work is video on the iPad in Safari or Chrome, can find no solution at present.

Is it Articulate or Adobe Connect or running Articulate content in Adobe.

We've spent a lot of money on Articulate licences, don't want to throw away the product just because it doesn't work well with Adobe!.

Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert and welcome to Heroes!

I'm not certain that renaming index_lms_html5 is required for you to use the course on an iPad, but it may be. The general guidelines for running in Adobe Connect are detailed here.

You could try without making that change to see if it makes a difference, but I think the more useful step might be to run a program such as Fiddler against the content. That will help you see what response the browser is getting from Adobe Connect when the Storyline content attempts to retrieve the video.

Robet Giffin

Hi Ashley

Thanks for the quick response, you're right I don't think I actually need to rename the index_lms_html5.html file as the index.html file would still detect the ipad and redirect to this without needing to edit the contents of the index.html. Made so many different changes forgot to undo some of the basic ones.

I've now tested on Adobe's free 30 day trial of their hosted Adobe Connect 9.2 and the content appears to work perfectly on all platforms, so the video playback is only a problem with our 9.0.4 install.

I suspect the Apple video streaming was introduced in v9.1, but it could be something we've got miss configured in our setup.

Looks like it's off to Adobe's tech support next to see if we can upgrade to 9.2 for free or fix the problems with 9.0.4

Thanks, Rob.

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