Storyline, Flash vs. HTML5, iPads, and more

Aug 06, 2013

Hi, All.

I'm new here. I've used Articulate Studio in the past, but I now have a client who wants to use Storyline, and it needs to run on iPads as well as in a Windows environment. Here are some of the issues I've been trying to sort through, and I'm hoping some of you will be able to add some great insights!

  • From what I've read, HTML5 doesn't run so hot in Safari or in any version of Internet Explorer other than v 10, and not all potential learners will have the latest browser.
  • My client has had an organization offer to host the course at a site that uses Adobe Connect on an Adobe Server as a quasi-LMS (in that it can run SCORM 1.2 Flash courses and do bookmarking and track scores), so we've considered publishing to Flash and using the Puffin browser on iPads to run the course from the Adobe Connect-based launch site.
        I've tested this, and audio is really hiccupy running Flash in Puffin on an iPad. Does anyone know of any options that work better?
  • We've considered creating a Storyline course and publishing it to both Flash and the Articulate Mobile Player, since courses seem to run really well on the player on iPad. Has anyone tried this? Were you able to have one course publish well to both Flash and the Articulate Player?
  • Is anyone aware of a way to send SCORM data to Adobe Connect from something run in the Articulate player, or would we just have to limit the bookmarking/tracking to folks who launched the Flash course from Adobe Connect and have an external link for iPad users.
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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Martha, and welcome to Heroes!

I have a few tidbits for you that should help to increase understanding:

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Jason Johnson

From personal experience, you will have fits trying to get audio to work properly on iPad/HTML5. If you have minimal audio and it doesn't need to synchronize with timeline animation, you might be able to get it to work but if you do, you'll go crazy trying to make it work and I'd advise against it at this point. Also, don't even think about putting audio in layers for HTML5 output...which really stinks because layers are so good at keeping a large amount of content on one slide. The worst part is, your course may randomly and unpredictably crash on iPad which is likely due to insufficient memory issues in mobile Safari and SL has little-to-no way of circumventing this issue.

If your client is intent on having an iPad version of their course, I'd recommend designing two completely different versions of your course or conceding to the absolute lowest common denominator in terms of number of pictures, video, audio, etc. I wouldn't attempt it again myself.

Sasha Scott

In my experience the Articulate Mobile Player works really well on iPads - however, if you have a situation where your intended audience is not willing or not allowed to download that app and install it on their iPad, you then have the various maddening problems of using Safari on its own. Which is a Safari / Apple issue, not a Storyline issue I hasten to add

Justin Grenier

Jason Johnson said:

Still doesn't explain all of the issues that SL courses have with audio on IE9+ and Firefox. I could only get it to work reliably on Chrome, like Justin indicated. I still like SL though and look forward to it's evolution.

Good Morning, Jason.

The lack of support for IE and Firefox that I mentioned above is specific to our HTML5 output, since Firefox and IE currently have poor support for HTML5 standard.

If you are experiencing audio trouble in our Flash output using IE and Firefox, that sounds like a different issue that may be worthy of a separate Forum Thread or Support Case.

Martha Hales

Thanks, everyone, for you responses. For some reason, I didn't get emails notifying me of the additional replies, so I hadn't checked this for a while. It's good to know that the mobile app works so well on the iPad. 

I'll check into using Tincan API with the system we're using, since it would be great if we could actually pass information from the AMP to the LMS. If not, we'll just have to live with the fact that people on iPads can't have their course tracked and bookmarked like the folks who are using the Flash version on other devices.

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