how to track quiz result from Adobe Connect(LMS) in IPAD?

Nov 15, 2012

Hi Articulate Heros:

Our company is using Adobe Connect as LMS.

We want to track quiz result in IPAD.

But during the test, we found that we cannot track the result in IPAD even we cannot open the module.

What we have done is :

1: we publish module to LMS from Articulate Storyline and upload zip file to Adobe connect. At this moment, we can see the module in browser and track the result in the adobe connect. Everything is good.

2: But when we check the link from the IPAD(1), we cannot open it. The web page is blank(nothing there) although we can see the module title in the browser tab . We use Safari latest version, and check and double the LMS output is AICC and LMS reporting is "Complete/Incomplete".

3.To make sure it is not the problem from adobe connect(LMS),  we make the publish content as a training course but we got the same result.(Nothing there)

Can anybody give me some suggestion about how to fix this problem?

I have checked the Articulate" Host content to LMS" document and follow those steps. But I still failed.

I need your help


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han jiang

HI Mike:

Thank you for your reply.

But unfortunately, I have ticked the allow HTML 5 and iPAD option even I have ticked the "Allow user to download the module offline" option. But I still cannot see the module on iPad.

Is it because of the Adobe connect?(I don't think so, I use the latest version)

I suspect maybe it is because of the module I design, so I just simplify the module and make some simple question like" Are you a boy or a girl?" (you know those kind of silly questions)and I published everything again, still failed.

Is it because of the IPad? I use IPAD1. but I think if people want to do the module on ipad, no matter ipad1,2,3,4,it should be OK,right?

Looking forward to the solution.

Thanks again.

han jiang

I check the article on Articulate site about the mobile player. I am using that player to do the module this time although I know that player is fantastic.(I have tried that mobile player ever before when i tested the module on Articulate Online. it was fantastic to show the product and module. But this time my company just wants to use Adobe Connect. Anyway, it is a good product.)I know that if I use mobile player, I cannot track and report the result.

So what I  just expect is to let people do the module on the browser and after they finish the module, we can get the result on the Adobe Connect report section.

Thanks again

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