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Jan 20, 2016

Hi there,

I want to add a trigger that allows the learner to advance only once all on screen content is displayed. I have a warning that I want appear if they click next before then.  I can't seem to get the trig to work. I works in the slide preview only.



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David Jordan

 If the arrow appears at the end of the timeline then its easy:

add a variable:

name: endCheck , type: true/false , default: false

then add a trigger:

adjust variable (endCheck) to true when timeline ends.

then add two triggers for your next button:

1. show layer (your warning message) , when next button clicked , if endCheck == false

2. jump to next slide , when next button clicked , if endCheck ==true

 if you want this on every slide then add the following trigger as well:

adjust variable (endCheck) to false when timeline starts.

That will reset it for each slide, then just copy the same triggers to each slide. You could even add all of that to a master slide so you dont have to copy it over every time.  

you control when they can use the next button by controlling when the variable gets adjusted. If you want it at the end of the timeline then thats when it happens. If you have something else make your arrow appear, then have it also adjust the variable.

Lianne Zitzelsberger

Hi Walt, me again :)

I deactivated the next arrow in the player and added a NEXT button with
your triggers - works great but when the user clicks the previous arrow,
the Next button doesn't reappear on that revisited slide, so now I need to
create a trigger that allows the Next to do I do that?

Thank you!

Lianne Zitzelsberger

So on the "change the state...Hidden" I should create the variable
"ThisSlideDone == Equal to False and then create a new trigger that adjusts
the variable "ThisSlideDone1" to true when the timeline ends? I am sorry,
I have got quite ti possible to call me? I got an extension
onmy Friday deliverable and it is now really due at 9:00 this am - help!

613 315 1368

Walt Hamilton

The concept is to hide the next button only the first time the slide is visited. So the variable is originally set to false. When the slide starts, the Next button is hidden if the slide hasn't been seen. Then when the timeline ends, that variable is set to true. The next time the slide is visited, the Next button isn't hidden.

So both triggers should use the same variable (eg: slide1done), but each slide has to have its own trigger.

Lianne Zitzelsberger

Okay,so I create a variable that I am calling ThisSlideDone and its default
value is false...

Then I create a trigger that when the timeline starts the Next button is
set to hidden, on the condition that ThisSlideDone == Equal to false.

Then I create a trigger that when the timeline ends the Next button is set
to normal, with no conditions

then I create a trigger that adjusts the variable ThisSlideDone to a value
of true when the timeline ends


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