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Phil Mayor

To not fire the invalid answer dialogue you need conditions on the trigger panel to only submit when one of the checkboxes are selected.

Ideally as you are using true false they should be radio buttons, and have a button set for each one, which means you could get rid of all the normal state change triggers.



Phil Mayor

The textbox on the left hand side has a fade exit animation, remove it and that will fix your missing text.

To trap the invalid answer popup open your submit trigger and add a condition that none of the checkboxes are selected). You may want to get more complex using variables to check if either of your groups is selected).

But you should really be using radio buttons instead of checkboxes as there are 5 single select answers. You would add button sets (select both radio buttons, right click choose button set and create one for each set). This ensures only one item can be selected and also ensure you cannot uncheck one of your boxes once selected.