Java Script not working

Dec 19, 2018


I have an issue with a project containing Java Script.  The script works when the slide is in isolation but when the whole project is published none of the slides that worked in isolation now trigger the Java Script.

Is there anything that is should know about with the setup of a course containing Java Script that could be causing this.


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Matthew Johnson

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your time in responding, I have now fixed the issue.

For reasons I still can't work out it appears that the results slide was causing the issue.

I am using a combination of Graded and Survey questions and assigning points for correct answers using triggers and variables.  I had used a Graded results slide calculating a pass/fail based on the variables.  Changing the results slide to a blank results slide with all of the same triggers that I had used on my graded results slide and all Java Script throughout the quiz has started working.

If anyone can explain why it would be well received but the issue is resolved.


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