I've created a module all to do with energy saving, environment, etc...

As the learner progresses through the module they can open up a virtual iPad/tablet which enables them to tick/check-off items in a list that they can go back into their workplace to implement.

I want people to be able to "print" each screen within the iPad so that they have a record of their check-list when they finish the module - the problem is, I don't want to use Javascript for them to actually print the screen to paper as this module is all about energy saving so I don't want to be seen to encouraging them to poring to paper, what I need is a button which takes a snapshot of the screen and saves it to a file, with each screen snapshot being saved to the same file.

Is this going to be possible, or if not any ideas what could be??

You can see the tablet interaction here:

Many thanks.


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