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sandie coco

It is possible. I did this a few years back with Saba. Here's the Javascript I used to pull the username. Note that the name comes Last Name, First Name so my script puts the name in an array so we can switch it to First Name Last Name. I used username as my variable name.

//grab the LMS object
var lmsAPI = parent;

//ask the LMS object to get the name
var rawName = lmsAPI.GetStudentName();

//the name comes very formal "Last, First"
//we will fix that by sticking the name into an array
var nameArray = rawName.split(",");

//then we save it the other way round "First Last"
var niceName = nameArray[1] +" "+ nameArray[0];

//now we grab the Articulate player
var p = GetPlayer();

//finally we set our Articulate var to our username