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Jun 26, 2013


Could someone please help me with a Javascript trigger to format a number variable:

In my results slide, I would like to format the Results.ScorePercent variable to exclude the decimal numbers. ie from 82,13% to 82%

newResult is a new variable I'd like the answer to go into.

This is what I have (and have tried many other options and variations, with no luck)

var nbre1 = Math.random('Results.ScorePercent');

var player = GetPlayer();

player.SetVar('newResult', nbre1);

Alternatively: what is the formula Storyline uses for the Results.ScorePercent variable? Could I do something with that?

Can anyone help?



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Peter Kimemiah


Jus found this.  Has a similar problem

// After getting your variable

var player = GetPlayer(); 

var nbre1 = Math.floor(player.GetVar('Results.ScorePercent'));  

player.SetVar('newResult', nbre1);

Should work. Note you need to get the Results.ScorePercent from the player, than round it down to drop the decimal.

If you want you can use the ceil() function to round up.

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