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Aug 08, 2017


I'm building a course in Articulate Storyline 360 and publishing that in HTML5 only output. I would like to customize the course further in terms of accessibility standards.

Can it be possible to change player instructions for screen reader?

As per my understanding, we can modify them in player  - text & lables. But as you can see in the below example, the screen reader automatically adds 'Button' after each UI element, which is quite confusing.

Below is what JAWS reader reads when we tab or shift+tab through the UI:

Menu Button
To activate press spacebar.
Next Button
To activate press spacebar.
Back Button
To activate press spacebar.
Skip Navigation. Hit enter to return to the slide. Button
To activate press spacebar.

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Julie Stelter

Hi Ravinder,

My understanding is that JAWS reader requires flash output. It will not work in an html5 environment. Plus you have to use ie. If you are able to get it to work in other environments great, but do not count on it.

I believe you can alter these words if you can alter flash. This wouldn't be possible in Storyline since it is an authoring tool and not "from the ground up" tool. 

A person does have the ability to change their own settings in JAWS to eliminate content they do not want to hear.

The word button gives the user a audio clue that it is clickable and the words that follow tell them what to do. It can be annoying to a visual person clicking through the course at a rapid pace to QA it. But try closing your eyes and taking the course at the same pace as a  first-time user. It may be less annoying.

I would also move the skip navigation to the beginning of the back and next button which will allow them to skip the navigation. Enter returns to slide, spacebar moves to next screen.

I don't have 360 to experiment with in this environment.



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