Job Opportunity

Jun 14, 2013

The fourms have been a great place to get answers to all my storyline questions... so I figured I'd try posting a new oppening with my office here too! (i'm not sure if postings of jobs here are frowned upon or not.. if so.. i'm sorry!)

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Mike Enders

Hi Helene,

Not a problem posting the opening.  However, you may find that the General Discussion forum has more eyes than this one.

There's a great thread for freelancers there as well, so you may want to drop something in that area.


PS> Also, it appears that your link is broken?

Helene Sobelman

Thanks for your response!

especially pointing out that the link appears to be broken.. when i take it from that post and paste it into a browser.. it seems to work.. so something is goofy.. in my initial post above i just pasted the link into the body of the post.. i didn't use the "insert link" button.. so maybe that was it? In this post i used that button.. so maybe the link will work. 

i'll also post it in those other two spots you mentioned... thanks again!