Jump to Custom Slide Using Variables

Mar 11, 2015

Hi heroes,

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  I'm working on customizing a player for a set of eLearning deliverables and I'm looking for a way to jump to a slide using a variable.  Specifically, I'm looking for something that can execute this logic.

var customNav = false;

var customSlideNav;

//designer decides to change customNav to true;

//designer wants the next button to seamlessly jump to slide 07.


customSlideNav=slide7;  //Possibly an object of some kind?  This is the spot I am confused on.

if(customNav==false) {

player.goToNextSlide; //This is pseudocode, remember.  :)


else {



I would like to execute this using a custom next button, not with the SL controls.  Anyone have any ideas?


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Deanna Brigman

You would need to put two triggers on your custom button:

Jump to slide, slide 7, when user clicks, customButton if Variable is == Equal to Value True

jump to slide, next slide, when user clicks, customButton if Variable is == Equal to Value False

You will have to create a variable and set it to be false initially, then just figure out how it will be set to true, you can do it at the beginning or end of a timeline, on another button click, when a layer shows, etc.

Hopefully this is what you were looking for.


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