Jump to time not working on other layers

Nov 01, 2022

I'm trying to use the jump to time/cue point function, but it doesn't seem to work across layers. I have layer with a button that is triggered to "jump to time/cue point" on the base layer. I've tried creating a cue point and also just inputting the time stamp on the base layer timeline. It works if on the same layer, but nothing happens if i want to jump to another layer or back to the base layer. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Walt Hamilton

The timeline controls only the layer or slide that is showing, so it is not unexpected that you can't jump to another slide or layer and at the same time jump to a certain time on its timeline.

However, expressed that way, you may get some ideas. Rather than trying to do two jumps with one trigger, you might consider using more triggers. On the target, create a trigger to jump to time X:XX when timeline starts on this slide/layer if jumpVariable = X. Use as many triggers as you need, one per target you are jumping to. Then on the original layer, create a trigger to set the variable to the value you need to jump to the spot you want. Create the variable, and Bob's your uncle.