'Jump to time' Trigger - Bug or Feature?

Feb 20, 2022

Good Afternoon,

I have a question regarding the functionality of the 'Jump to time' trigger. I've attached a simplified example with only two triggers to demonstrate my question -

  • The orange shape disappears after 5 seconds.
  • Clicking on the red shape jumps to 15 seconds on the timeline.

If you click the red shape in the first few seconds then (to my mind) the orange shape should not disappear since the timeline has jumped past the time when that trigger should have fired (at 5 seconds).

Yet the orange shape does disappear. Why? Am I missing something?

Thank You,


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Walt Hamilton

Actually, think of jump to time more as a high-speed advance to time.  When a jump like this is executed, the stage is set as if the timeline had played to that point very rapidly.

Personally, I prefer to jump to a time and find the world as it should be at that time, just as if I had allowed the timeline to play out slowly to that point.  Definitely a feature, and I prefer it.

Tom Green

Hi Walt,

That makes sense - I guess the wording is a little misleading as it is a more of a 'fast-forward' to time than a jump.

Ultimately it makes little difference as long as the triggers behave consistently and the desired result can still be achieved using IF conditions.

Thank you for sharing,


Garfield Earlington

I have a similar question (I think).

I have a gaming slide with several layers (correct and incorrect). The way it's supposed to work... When the user clicks the incorrect answer on the base slide, a video plays on the (incorrect) layer showing a monster slaying a wizard. Still on the incorrect layer, if the user clicks another incorrect answer, I want to slide to begin from time 0 and play again. 

The way it's working, every element on the slide plays again except the video. I have a trigger set to "Jump to time/cue point = 0, and the option to "Play the Timeline" check box ticked. 

Is this a glitch, that the only element on the layer that does not replay is the video?