Jumping back to base slide from layers

Hello all,

I'm obvioulsy missing something here.

I have information on the base layer, but when I click on the base layer button it won't close the layer that was visited and return the base slide.

I would rather not put a close layer trigger on each sub layer, but just have the top tab bring you back to the base if the user selects it.

I appreaciate the help


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Michael Hinze

I might be missing something here, but the only button that caused layers to seemingly overlap ('not close') was the Notes button, which actually loops back to the same slide. That can be fixed by setting the baselayer's properties to 'Reset to initial state'. See attached revised file.

Ari Avivi

Well sort of,

The problem now is that by resetting the slide to the initial state it resets the visited states on the other layer.

I guess what I was hoping was that I could use the jump to trigger to take me back to the base slide and have that work as a layer so to speak.  I guess I will just have to create a notes layer to make the functionality work.

Seems odd though that jumping to the slide doesn't automatically set it to the base layer.

Ari Avivi

Nope still the same problem.

I'm trying to upload what I finally did as a solution but for some reason it won't upload.

I created another layer called notes1

Added a trigger to go to notes 1 when the timeline of the base layer starts

seems like a troublesome workaround for something that may be a desgin issue.