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Feb 03, 2020


I'm very new to Storyline so please assume I know nothing!

I would like to have one or more slides where I will have definitions of terms used in the training course.

When the user clicks a term that they don't understand the meaning of, I use a hyperlink to go to the slide where the definition is.

When they have finished reading the definition I want them to click a button that takes them back to the slide they were on.

So I don't really want 'next' or 'previous' buttons on the definition slide/s.

How can I not have 'next' or 'previous' buttons on my definition slide/s?

Where can I find a stock backwards pointing curly type arrow (to take the user back to the slide they were on) and how do I configure this arrow to take them back to where they were?

Thank you.

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Kelly Sheehan

Hi Antony,

Welcome to Storyline, its a great tool and I've loved learning new things about it.

I have attached a very basic storyline file of what you described. I won't say too much about it and let you see if you can figure out what I have done. The curvy arrow I have copied from Powerpoint as Storyline doesn't do arrows like that, the other option is to click on the Close button and then go to Format and look at the icon drop down on the left and pick one of these.

If you don't want the close button you could have the layer hide when the timeline ends, and then set the timeline up to show for however long you wish.

Good Luck, ask if  you have more questions.

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