Keep audio in Try it screen capture?

Jun 11, 2012

We are creating modules where we will provide instruction then ask the user to try the next step. To save item, I tried recording the audio while I was recording the steps. It is there if I use the video on one slide, but not when I choose Try It.  Is there a way to keep that or does the audio need to be recorded separately?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Elizabeth, that's correct, any audio that you create as part of your screen recording will only be part of the output when you insert the recording as a video on a single slide. It won't be there if you insert the recording as a step-by-step slide (View/Try/Test).

Since step-by-step videos display just the action-related clips of the original video (subject to any fine-tuning you apply), there isn't really a way for Storyline to know which parts of your audio should match up with the individual steps, so it's not used. However, you can definitely import or record audio for each specific step.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Kari! Yes, what you could do is export the MP4 from Storyline and convert it to an audio-only file, then reinsert that audio track into Storyline and split it up however you want, by using Storyline's audio editor.

Here's how to do it, in a nutshell:

  1. Export the video as an MP4 from Storyline by going to Insert > Record Screen,and select your screen recording.
  2. When the Insert Slides window pops up, right-click on the video preview area and choose Export Movie. This will create an MP4 in the location that you choose.
  3. Use a media editing tool (Format Factory is a free one that you can get online) to convert the MP4 to WAV.
  4. Go back to Storyline and choose Insert > Sound > Sound from File, and select the WAV file you created.
  5. Once you insert the sound, you'll see a little speaker icon in the lower-left area of your slide stage. You can copy/paste that to the other slides to reapply the same file.
  6. On any slide where you applied the audio, right-click the little speaker icon and choose Audio Editor. That will open up the waveform of your sound file, where you can delete the parts that don't apply to that particular slide.

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