Kudos to Support / Click Text Feedback Interaction

I just wanted to give a huge Kudos to the Articulate support team and the Articulate members on this community forums. I've been using Articulate for just under a year and I've learned so much (still more to learn). Any time I've run into a roadblock, the support has been absolutely amazing.

This week I contacted support after I couldn't figure out how to accomplish something and things weren't working correctly. It didn't help I was sick and needed to meet a deadline.  Jose Tansengco was absolutely amazing and gave me a solution to try out. When I implemented it and needed something else, he came up with another solution. This went on for a week but only because I kept moving the goal post with another issue! Jose was very patient. I never receive a survey so I wanted to get the word out. Customer support after purchasing a product is of the utmost importance. Articulate is way ahead of the game.

My SME wanted an interactive piece where the learner would read a case study and have to click on indicators of trauma. We ended up using Hot Spots, Variables, States, Shapes with transparency, Mouse Over Triggers, and others. I've learned a lot and still more to come. File attached if anyone is interested in taking a look.

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