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I need to set up a course which is developed in English but will then be translated into 21 different languages. I would like all the languages to reside in the single course. I was thinking of having a language selection menu on the first screen on which the user could select their language from a dropdown menu. And then the content for each of the slides would show up on a separate layer by language. I’m curious:

1.      Would this approach work?

2.      If so, how would I set up the opening page for the user to make their language selection?

3.      How would I set up each slide so the appropriate layer is visible based on the language the user selected on the first slide?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lou -- Thanks for your question, and while I will defer to you fellow community members to weigh in with their specific advice and ideas, please see the following discussions on a similar topic:

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Hope that helps! :)