Large Project Moving Slowly

Apr 28, 2016


I am creating a project that has multiple scenarios and quiz. It's quite large (around 90 slides). As the project has grown... I'm having trouble with Storyline moving slowly. The play button on the timeline won't work, either.

I know Captivate stored images or text even after it was deleted. And I was able to clear my library of unused items --- does Storyline have anything like that? Also, is there a way to clear my Storyline cache like you can in Captivate? 

Any pointers would be appreciated!



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maggie!

Some things that could be still included in your file which are expanding the file size are slide masters or screen recordings that are not in use, so you may want to look at removing those. Also, when you delete the elements and save Storyline, if you're still looking at the file size of that project while having Storyline open the file size will not change as those items are still accessible with the "undo" button. Typically a save, close, re-open can fix those things you've deleted.

You can also import into a new file to see if this alleviates some of the latency you are seeing.

Christie Pollick

Hi Maggie -- In addition to the recommendations Leslie has shared, I thought I might pass along the following... 

First, as you mentioned the play button on the timeline won't work, may I ask if you have run through the troubleshooting steps listed here to see if you find improvement? 

Also, here is a great discussion on Best Practices for larger courses

And also, may I ask if you are running the most recent Update of SL2? Please see this post that discusses clearing temp files for more info. 

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