Large Project Publish Corrupt

Jul 28, 2021


I have a very large project file (667 MB) for a step-by-step video. The published results are almost always corrupted. Certain slides are the usual victims. On one the audio will not run; on another the slide won't advance as specified in the trigger after the user clicks a hotspot. The errant audio's file is among the published files and all works correctly when previewing slides.

This happens whether I publish to Review 360 or a local web package or LMS. However, when I publish only a portion, such as a single scene, the problems are gone.

I followed the tips on reducing corruption risk: the .story file and locally published files are on the C: drive, no spaces in the title, etc.

I need either to figure how to get this to publish faithfully or figure a way to split it into separate SCOs for the LMS. Ideas?


Win 10 Ent V1903 build 18362.1256 64-bit
i7 10810U CPU
SL v3.54.25674.0




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