Launching secondary StoryLine 2 projects from a primary StoryLine 2

Dec 01, 2016

My project is a collection of (now) 400 or so slides with the user application approaching 100MB directory size.  Not really being used as a learning project but more about providing details on our range of products and applications.  Slides also have URL and attachment links.  StoryLine does all of this very well!  

However it is reaching the stage where I would like to split the project into probably 3 logical parts, for reasons of easier maintenance and possibly user speed performance.  Once this is done, I would like the user to launch a second or third StoryLine part from the primary part.  

Any suggestions how this might be done please?

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Doug McCormick

Matthew:  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  The project is hosted on the user PC (on-line is not always readily available at a customers premises when demonstrating).

Wendy:  You are now challenging me to investigate a whole new area!  As always, thanks again for your very prompt help, I will spend some time investigating.

Inga Clark

Wendy and Doug:  I am also trying to launch a storyline project from a storyline project, but when I browse for the index.htm file, it does not show in the window - only the mobile and story_content folders appear, nothing else.  No index.htm, meta, story, or story_unsupported files.  Really puzzled.  Do you know what the scoop is?



Inga Clark

When I go into web objects to select the folder where the index.html file is, it shows the folders, but not the files - is there a setting within Storyline that will set to show all files?  Here's what I see, in the attached file called No Index File.PNG.  Then when I click test link, it shows the error message:  "Could not locate an "index.html" or "index.htm" file in the specified folder" The second PNG attachment, Index file showing, shows that the file does indeed exist.  Why isn't Storyline seeing it?




Doug McCormick

Sorry Inga - I misread your question.  I looked back over Wendy's solution and one point was if you are web based, you need to ensure permissions are correctly set.  In my case, my project was completely PC based.  This might be an area to look into.  The permissions for the files may not allow access to them.  Hope this gives you a small clue.

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